18. 08. 2014

Recently I felt very compelled to write this blog post after being shocked and disappointed at an Instagram photo posted by a well known sport star’s also well known wife.  This post is not an attack on the person, who I am sure is a very lovely person, however I did feel I needed to write about the message I felt it sent.  Unhealthy body image.  Now I know this topic has been overdone, debated far and wide, and everyone has their own opinion, but I think a few truths need to be aired.

I’ll set the all too familiar scene.  You open your magazine to read yet another story about a celebrity who insists they indulge on pizza regularly, or they work out “when I have time”.  You sit there wondering how on earth is she a size 6, has a body to rival Carrie Bradshaw’s, had a baby two weeks ago, and still eats pizza.  How could this be you wonder?!  “It’s just not fair” you say.  What’s not fair in my books is the truths that are not shared with the reader.  The actual truth.

9 times out of 10 the above is not the truth.  Yes, there are some people who are naturally very slim and can eat whatever they want without putting on any weight or working out.  I’m talking pasta, perhaps a burger and fries, a few slices of toast for breakfast, sugary drinks, all a few times a week.  However, for the majority of people this is not correct.  The majority of people who are slim work very hard at it.  Now at this point I would like to make something very clear.  I commend people who are healthy and fit, work hard at the gym and are disciplined in what they eat.  We shouldn’t judge those people, yet we should congratulate them because it’s important for your own well being, mental and physical health to look after yourself and keep your body “clean”.  Your older self will thank you for it.  What I am talking about is the painfully thin celebrities who Instagram a photo of themselves in a bikini, hair and make up done, sexy pose, and we look at it thinking “I wish I could look like that”.  We start to get down on ourselves, depressed even, about our own bodies.

So why do these people insist on bending the truth?  Why not come out and say “yes I have to work damn hard to look like this and I hardly eat anything”.  Why, I don’t know.  Is it because they are embarrassed?  Fear of being judged?  In my books it’s better to be honest and upfront.  So now my turn.

Six years ago I got married and like any bride to be I wanted to be in great shape for my wedding.  I was bordering on 10kg heavier than I am now.  I was younger and probably still eating like a teenager and expecting the weight to stay off like it did when I was 18.  All women know that when your early 20’s hit that ship has sailed, and you need to start re-evaluating your eating and exercise habits!  So with my wedding looming I set myself a goal of getting in shape and off I went.  I ended up getting amazing results and it was not easy by any means, however I think it taught me one invaluable lesson.  I no longer look at unhealthy bodies and think “it’s just not fair”, nor do I believe when a celebrity insists they regularly indulge on fries and pizza, because I know 9 times out of 10 it is not the truth.  I went through two week periods at a time of not eating any carbs (which I would not condone), eating greens with tuna for lunch, and having a small portion of meat and spinach for dinner.  That is all.  It was incredibly hard and damn I was pissed off and very hungry by the end of it.

Why did I want to share this with you all?  In the hope that you will realise and learn the same invaluable lesson that I did.  Glaze over these celebrity articles and do not believe everything that is written.  It is not healthy or easy to look like this, and it’s also not a lot of fun maintaining a look like this.  Embrace your own body, love your own body, and look after your own body in the healthy way.  Eat healthy and well, but allow yourself a treat or two once in a while.  Set aside time for yourself to work out a few times a week because it clears the head and will release a crazy amount of endorphins which will make you feel great about yourself.

Above all, I wanted to share this with you in the spirit of telling the truth.

I have included an image of Kim Kardashian below because of three reasons – 1. In my opinion this is what a healthy and fit woman looks like in a bikini.  2. All Kardashian sisters have fluctuated up and down in weight, and have never hidden the truth about how much hard work it takes to eat well and work out often to look like they do.  3.  Love her or hate her, damn she looks good in this bikini!

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3 Responses to “THIN AND UNHEALTHY”

  1. Jenn says:

    Well said B! I was raised with the wisdom that the body is nothing but a shell which carries your soul through life. The influences I see that are already pushed onto my kids at 1 & 3 years by Disney and society are appalling and sad and take a lot of time and effort to constantly block/explain. We are sadly a body imaged obsessed world, if only we were a compassionate, empathetic and caring obsessed world!

  2. Maggie says:

    The cultural obsession with being skinny is not a phenomenon. I agree, by not telling the truth, it’s false advertising. Victoria Secret models are really thin, but they work out for at least 3 hours a day. That’s not a normal workout routine for the average person. They also eat very healthy and rarely binge on junk food. I saw on Youtube recently about how Girls Generation (a famous korean pop star group) works out insanely and skimps on dinner in order to maintain their slim figure. It’s kind of ridiculous. I wish the media would just be open about it, but then again, it might cause chaos with younger women who’d just starve themselves.

    Maggie S.

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