09. 01. 2014

No I’m not referring to a Justin Bieber song (forgive me for even using those words), I am talking about shopping.  Never say never when it comes to what stores you will walk into or what labels you will try on.

We all have a routine when it comes to shopping – what stores we frequent, what stores we avoid – but this very routine could be the one thing that’s making you miss out on a hidden gem, and one that’s easy on the purse strings.

I recently set myself the challenge of walking into stores that I previously wouldn’t have.  Yes it made me venture to the “other end” of the mall that I had never conquered before, however I went home with an armful of bags for less than $200.00.  Now I know what you are thinking – that I couldn’t have possibly bought anything that you would ever call stylish – however I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised and I come bearing evidence……

Product Images

Mink Pink Print Stripe Boxy Tee (alternative: Splendid Brooklyn Drapey Lux Short Sleeve Tee), Lovisa Chain Link Necklace (on sale for $20), Show Po One Liner Jeggings in Black, Novo Verona Black Strappy Heel, Lovisa Star Charm Necklace (necklace, watch & bracelets on sale 3 for $10), Lovisa Infinity and Feather Memory Rings, Lovisa Tan Leather Watch, Lovisa Trio Bracelets, Novo Uriana Taupe Strappy Heel.  *Outfit styled with Gucci Soho Leather Bag and Ray-Ban aviators.

Yes it’s true, all this for less than $200.00.  All of these pieces can be worked in with multiple outfit options and are great additions to the wardrobe.  I wore the Verona heels recently with my J Brand jeans and Givenchy bag and a sales assistant thought my heels were Givenchy too!  It pays to shop for basics and accessories that are quick updates to your wardrobe.  They can be teamed with those special pieces in your wardrobe to create an outfit that looks like you paid twice the price and is the envy of other style queens.

Well lovelies, this is what I discovered when breaking my routine.  I challenge you all to do the same and then post a comment about it so we can all reap the rewards!  My number one tip: if you look at something twice, or are not sure, just try it on.  9 times out of 10 it always looks better on.

Love B x 2


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