30. 01. 2014

Tanning is healthy.  Fake tanning that is.  It’s not only better for your skin but it’s a great confidence booster too.  However I know what you’re all thinking – orange.  Orange wrists, orange hands, orange feet, orange knees, and orange elbows.  This is exactly what I was thinking when my girlfriend insisted I try this new tanning product she had great success with.  And again, I know what you’re thinking.  There is always a story about a friend of a friend who raved about a tanning product.  You’re hopeful and end up trying the product, only to feign surprise when your feet end up resembling something that you buffed for far too long with your bronzer.

Well I actually have a true story about a product that did work for me and I have the photographic evidence to prove it!  I used the Loving Tan 2Hr Express Self Tanning Mousse in Medium with the applicator mitt which I highly recommend.  It helps apply the mousse evenly and keeps your hands tan free.  I reveal all about the other product, my secret weapon from Mecca Cosmetica, in my tips below.


My top tips for a successful tan are

  1. Follow the instructions.  I applied at least a pea sized amount of moisturiser to each area of concern – wrists, tops of hands, knuckles, feet, knees and elbows.
  2. Shake the bottle well and apply the product lightly over the areas listed above.  For example, I applied one large pump (about the size of a small lime) on the lower part of my leg (below the knee).  The remaining product still sitting within the mitt was enough to cover my foot also.  If you’re worried that you applied too much product in a particular area lightly buff it with a dry part of the mitt.  Alternatively, I buffed some areas (like my toes and fingers) with a tissue just to take off any extra product.
  3. The mousse is dark so you can see where you have applied it.  No need to keep applying over the same area.  Once you have wiped the product over an area using the mitt, move onto the next area.
  4. Allow the product to dry and then wait 2 hours before washing it off in the shower.  Don’t be worried when the product looks dark on your body.  This is the mousse working and all of the excess will wash off, and the final look will be much lighter.  Use some soap to lightly wash off the excess mousse.  Do not use a loofah to scrub the product off.
  5. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!  It’s imperative to moisturise your body every day if you want to prolong the life of your tan and to ensure it fades evenly.  It’s a great habit to get into anyway, and if you miss this step you will probably halve the life of your great new tan.
  6. Lastly, don’t be put off by the medium shade.  I would say I have a fair complexion and the medium shade gave my skin a natural light looking tan.  I was far happier with a lighter result rather than something too dark that I had to try and scrub off in the shower.  As my tan starts to fade I am going to even it out by applying my secret weapon – Mecca Cosmetica’s Body Wonder Tinted Body Moisturiser.  This product is amazing and I use it with or without a tan.  When I have no tan on it provides a light tint that dries quickly and you don’t need to worry about it rubbing off on clothes.  I wore it with a white dress to a wedding and there wasn’t a hint of it on the dress.  It’s currently not available online but worth checking out at your local Mecca Cosmetica store. 

All ladies in Qld can get Loving Tan from Malouf Pharmacies – check for your closest store here.  All other states should check for your closest stockist here.

And finally, as promised, the photographic evidence showing my legs, wrists and hands orange free!  Leave me a comment if you end up trying this product too.

Legs, Hand and Wrist



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