01. 05. 2014

Jewellery drawer 1Jewellery drawer 2

During a recent wardrobe cleanout I rediscovered a lot of jewellery that I hadn’t been incorporating into my outfits due to them simply being hidden in a jewellery box.  As a result of the cleanout I was left with two empty drawers which became the perfect new home for my jewellery!  I laid out all my necklaces, earrings, bracelets and sunglasses so I can now clearly see them all when I’m getting ready in the morning and want to choose the perfect piece to suit my outfit or mood.  It’s like having your own walk in wardrobe just for your jewellery!

Another quick tip I have is about organising shoe boxes.  The usual tip is to take a photo of your shoes and tape it to the outside of your shoe box so you know what pair are in each box.  While it’s a great idea I feel the reality is not many people will have the time to take a photo of each shoe, print each photo and tape it to the box.  A great and quick alternative is to just write on the side of the box what shoe is inside.  It worked great for me and was a lot quicker!  Happy organising x



  1. Jenn says:

    Great idea! Mine are currently all tangled and in various places around the house! Would be nice to lay them out and see what I’ve actually got! :)

  2. Monica says:

    I love how you have the original bag/packaging under each necklace. Mine are all stashed somewhere & I can never find them when I’m packing for a trip.

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