19. 05. 2013

Red products

There is one classic look that will always be in style, and that’s a strong red lip (my current obsession) and a red nail (my all time favourite).

My admiration for a red lip goes as far back as I can remember and my hopes of ever wearing it were quickly squashed after a fateful encounter a few years ago with a Chanel lipstick that was supposed to suit anyone.  After falling in love with the Hourglass brand I noticed recently that their Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon was quickly becoming a cult product.  I decided to trust the reviews and cure my curiosity by going into my local Mecca Maxima store and reviewing it for myself.  From that moment on I completely fell in love!  Hourglass’s Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick initially looks like a lipgloss when applied but allow it to set for 30 seconds to one minute and you have a richly pigmented, silky smooth and velvety matte lip colour.  You have the benefit of building on the colour as well.  The first coat comes out a brighter red than what you would think, but a second coat will give you a deeper yet strong and vibrant red.  The wand applicator makes for an easy application and you can control how much product you put on the wand, therefore controlling the depth of colour you want to create.  A few tips I have learnt with this are it does need to be reapplied a touch after eating, (however it doesn’t flake or become dry throughout the day) and you could apply a clear gloss over the top if you were heading out after work for a vibrant glossy red.  I personally love the velvety matte look and this is definitely my current obsession.

Check out Hourglass’s Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon here.

And of course there’s a red nail.  My all time favourite.  I have always always  worn nail polish, and I may have possibly experimented with every colour on the OPI palette yet I always come back to red.  There is something classic, strong and chic about a red nail and it can be worn across all seasons.  I have tried many different reds but some of my favourites would have to be Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Dada, OPI’s Red, OPI’s Big Apple Red, and OPI’s Manicurist of Seville for a slightly darker shade.  OPI shades tend to darken after a week of wear but they can be refreshed with a top coat.

Before I paint my nails I always apply Revlon’s Quick Dry Base Coat and finish my manicure with Revlon’s Quick Dry Top Coat.  It’s the best base and top coat I’ve ever used, and I am always getting asked if I have Shellac on my nails.  The base coat creates a smooth nail base to work from, and the top coat will give your nails a long wearing high shine. 

OPI, Yves Saint Laurent and Revlon nail lacquers can be found in store at David Jones.

So if any of you have ever been intimidated by a red lip or nail I encourage you to experiment with them and let us all know how you go in the comments below.  I would also love to hear from anyone who has their own favourite red products.  Let the obsessions begin!


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Images sourced from kimkardashian.celebuzz.com, glamour.com, picship.com


5 Responses to “CLASSIC RED = L.O.V.E”

  1. Nyree Ewings says:

    Love the article B, I have experimented with red but not successfully & babe always been a bit a afraid. You’ve inspired me to keep trying & I love your personal recommendations as I have a Great Gatsby Ball coming up soon & red is a must so thank u thank u thank u. Will let you know how it goes x

  2. Lauren Doherty says:

    Thanks B. I have always thought red lippy was too much for my complexion but now you have inspired me to give it a go! And yes, your red nails are your signature, they always look very glam xx

  3. Monica says:

    Agreed – excited by your recommendations! The only time in my life I’ve dared to venture to a red lippy was on my wedding day (a deep, dark red). I think my mouth is too big for red lippy, but I’ll give it a shot! x

  4. Monica says:

    PS. Have you tried the shade of OPI “A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find”? Not sure if I’m obsessed with the name or shade – perhaps both!

  5. briohny says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments so far. I love it! Mon that OPI shade would look great on you. I haven’t tried it myself though. Am still searching for the perfect coral nail polish!

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