04. 01. 2015

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Welcome to 2015 everybody!  Or as the French would say, bienvenue à 2015!  It’s about that time of year again when everyone thinks about what the new year will hold.  If you follow the Chinese Zodiac it’s the year of the Sheep, so for all you Sheep/Goat/Ram people you may experience some road blocks in your career but if you persist and work hard, you will reap the rewards in the coming year.  Money wise you need to look at reducing daily expenses so no January sales for you (!), health wise you need to avoid eating greasy foods (isn’t that everybody?!  Who makes these predictions anyway?!!), and relationship wise look to communicate to avoid an argument.  For the rest of us we look to refresh and start the year with a new set of resolutions.  I read a good piece of advice today – look to create new habits rather than resolutions.  You could even look to create a new habit once a month, and by the end of the year you could have 12 new habits!  For example, perhaps January is the month of exercise.  Maybe you can commit to making that gym class every Saturday?  February is giving up a certain junk food?  You get the idea.

It’s also around this time that we reflect on the year that’s passed, and cannot believe how quickly another year has flown.  It is definitely true what they say, that the older you get the quicker time flies.  For me 2014 was full of great things.  I had a few months off at the start of the year after being made redundant in late 2013 (yes 2013 was a shit year) which was fantastic for the mind and body.  I went on an amazing holiday with my husband to California in March/April and had a short stint in the Beauty Industry upon my return.  The training, products, people and discounts that I was exposed to is something I miss.  It was also a year to celebrate – I turned 30 which gave me an excuse to buy a very chic black jumpsuit, it was one year on from my husband’s open heart surgery (did I mention 2013 was a shit year?!), and a few friends welcomed some very adorable new little people into the world.

So what will 2015 bring we are all wondering?  For me we started New Years Day off on a high by booking our flights to Europe and I’ve committed to going to my favourite gym class every Sunday.  I’m also on a 30 day green smoothie challenge, looking to boost my body with energy and some great vitamins and just general goodness!  It’s all about starting new habits and perhaps my gym class will turn into two nights a week, and my green smoothie challenge will go from 30 days to 365!  I’ve had some time off the blog after working way too many hours in the last month or two at work (I returned to the Events Industry in late 2014), but this year I will be trying to work with the philosophy of “if it’s not done by 5:30pm it can wait until tomorrow”.  That of course means that I should have time to commit to the blog which is something I do love to do and I hope you all enjoy it.

I’ll finish my first blog of 2015 by saying Happy New Year and I wish you all a great year in achieving your goals, and the best in health and happiness.  And if you are feeling inspired, here is two of my current favourite green smoothie recipes!

Beginner’s Luck Green Smoothie (serves 2)

2 cups fresh spinach (tightly packed), 2 cups of water (can use coconut water as an alternative), 1 cup of mango, 1 cup of pineapple (I buy a can of the pineapple pieces), and 2 bananas.  I’ve also added 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to this one.  Chia Seeds are expensive but once you’ve spent the $10 on a packet, it will last you ages at 1 tablespoon per smoothie.  Plus they are high in omega fatty acids which increase healthy brain function and are proven goodness for your heath in fighting cholesterol and heart disease.

Method: Blend spinach and water first.  Then add and blend remaining ingredients.

Pineapple, Kale, Coconut Oil (serves 2)

2 cups fresh kale, 2 cups of water (again you could try coconut water on the second go), 2 cups of pineapple, 1 banana, and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.  I got a jar of coconut oil in the health food aisle.  It was expensive, at around $10, but like the chia seeds it will last for ages and you’ll get more than a few smoothies out of it.

Method: as above!

*Image johnstevensdesign.com / Recipes simplegreensmoothies.com


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